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We Want to Know: Who Serves the Best Burger in America?

We Want to Know: Who Serves the Best Burger in America?

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We turn to you, our Daily Meal readers, to tell us: Where do you go for your favorite burger?

It’s grilling season, and that means that across the country, people’s minds turn to burgers. One of the staples of American popular cuisine, thousands of iterations can be found in the 50 states; the simple recipe allows for a great deal of creativity from the chef, and when done properly, there are few foods more delicious.

But what exactly defines the perfect burger? According to Pat LaFrieda, butcher extraordinaire and the creator of the meat blends that have gone into some of the most heralded burgers served in America today, including Shake Shack’s Shack Burger and the legendary Black Label burger served at New York’s Minetta Tavern, “The perfect burger, in my view, is one that satisfies what I am hungry for at that moment.” It taps into our love of customizing a dish to our personal preference, as you can add just about whatever tickles your fancy and even specify how you’d like it cooked (though we’re of the mind that anything past medium rare is pretty much a food sin).

We’ve tackled the task of ranking the country’s best twice before, and just like last year, we’re looking to identify the top 101 burgers in America. So, we turn to you, our Daily Meal readers, to tell us: Where do you go for your favorite burger? What about it has made you so smitten? Consider yourself a burger aficionado, or know someone who is? Send us credentials for a chance to be a part of the panel of Burger Experts who will vote to decide this year's list. You can comment on the story below, or send me an email at [email protected] to weigh in with your suggestion(s). Thanks in advance for your advice, and happy grilling!

America’s Favorite Burger Spot in Each State | The 50 Best Burgers

Few things scream “America” louder than a hamburger. Hamburgers are part of our identity, and thus we are the ultimate connoisseurs of these beefy delights.

To pick THE BEST burger in the whole United States would be a downright impossible task. Rather there are multiple amazing burgers across the whole country that, in our opinion, are worth a trip just to try for yourself.

If you’re looking for the most epic summer road trip ever, why not do a burger tour of the United States? We’ve done the leg work for you here, sharing the best burger spot in each state.

Whether you’re a fan of a good old-fashioned, classic hamburger, or something on the fancy side, we’ve got you covered with this list.

So get your appetite going, grab a road map, and plan out the best vacation of your entire life: The Ultimate American Burger Adventure.

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I hope you experiment with some of the recipes in this article because I have to tell you I found some amazing bloggers out there who were happy to share with me their amazing recipes.

From chicken to pork or vegetarian burgers, there is something for everyone.

Enjoy and let me know what recipe you liked the most!

I am sure you will have a hard time deciding because there are so many good ones!

PS: Before I start sharing the recipes with you, I would like to thank you all, my fellow bloggers, for contributing to this post.

had a hard time choosing the best ones because there are so many that are really good!

Also, the featured picture on this post is from the amazing blog Krumpli. Thank you, Brian, for allowing me to use the picture!

The 50 Best Burgers in America, by State

The eternal question: Was the hamburger invented in Germany or America?

The verdict is still out, but here&rsquos one thing we do know: The U.S. is home to a million different kinds of delicious burgers, from basic patties with lettuce and tomato&hellipto a concoction with pineapple and peanut butter we&rsquore kind of scared to try.

Here, the best burgers in all 50 states, in our humble opinion. Bring your elastic-waist pants.

Nature's Rancher Angus Beef Burgers

Nutrition (⅓-pound patty): 380 calories, 30 g fat (12 g saturated fat, 2 g trans fat), 100 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 26 g protein

Appearance & Consistency: We liked the perfect disk-like shape of this patty. The beef has been processed a fair amount, so the meat is pretty small and tiny when you take a bite—which is certainly different than if you hand-rolled patties from fresh ground beef at home.

Taste: Let me just say: "wow." The testers were almost taken aback by how delicious this patty was. "It's unusual to take a bite of a burger and really taste the meat," said one burger-lover. This would certainly be the perfect patty for any toppings.

Eat This, Not That! Verdict:


You'll have to head to Whole Foods to pick up our favorite all-beef frozen burger from Nature's Rancher. If you're looking for the best plain, versatile patty that you can dress up on your own, this brand's frozen burgers take the cake.

Our Top 10 Recipes to Make All Summer Long

These tried-and-true fan favorites make any backyard barbecue sizzle.

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Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©2015

Steaks are getting smoky on the grill, ice cubes hit your glass and patiently await lemonade, and your ice cream unavoidably drips down the side of your cone — yup it's summer. (YAY!)

This season brings a bounty of the fresh fruits and vegetables — and, of course, lots of outdoor grilling! (We haven't met an ingredient that hasn't made us think, "can we grill that?" yet.) Ready to get started? These ten recipes are the ones are fans turn to most, year-after-year. They're foolproof, cookout-ready and super delicious.

If anyone knows how to grill the most mouthwatering steaks, it's certainly Bobby Flay. Once you cook your steak to perfection (like the grill master you are), allow it to rest under a piece of foil before cutting into the meat. This allows the moisture time to redistribute back into the meat, so every bite is juicy. Trust us, it is well worth the wait!

Creamy Cole Slaw Bobby Flay

Bobby's creamy cole slaw is a crunchy and refreshing side dish to serve alongside every main this summer. Taste your slaw as you go to adjust the seasoning. (Tough job, we know!)

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©2015

Summertime means outdoor parties and gathering friends and family together for lots of memorable moments and meals! If you need an crowd-pleasing appetizer that you can make in no time at all, these elegant bites are a no fuss finger-food you know your guests will love. Sprinkle a bit of smoked paprika over the eggs to add a touch of color and a light smoky flavor.

Tips to Make the Most Flavorful Hamburger Patties

A delicious homemade burger starts with a great patty.ਏollow these tips for making the best patties:

  • The Meat Mix: The best hamburger meat for grilling is 85% lean (15% fat) ground beef. This ratio is better than leaner mixes of beef because most of the fat drips away during grilling but leaves behind moisture and flavor. If you use extra-lean beef, you&aposll end up with drier burgers.
  • Buy Good Beef: Make sure your meat is fresh. This may seem like an obvious tip, but you want to use bright pink ground beef without any dark spots or unpleasant odor for the best burgers.
  • Don&apost Overwork It: When you&aposre mixing the ground beef with any seasonings or other add-ins, work the burger mixture as little as possible. You&aposll end up with tough burgers if you overwork raw meat.
  • Even Patties: To form equal-size patties, first gently pat all of your meat into one large square, then cut it into fourths (or more if you&aposre making sliders or a larger batch of burgers). Then roll each square into a ball.
  • Add a Dimple: Pat each ball into a circle about ¾ inch thick. Use your fingers to press lightly into the center of each patty to form a shallow indentation. This dimple will prevent your burgers from shrinking while they&aposre cooking and will help each patty cook evenly (and it&aposll make them easier to stuff, too!).

23 Mouthwatering Burger Recipes for National Burger Day

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West Virginia: Jim’s Drive-In

West Lewisburg

Nostalgia keeps diners coming back to Jim's Drive-In, which opened in the early 1950s and still offers curb service. The Big Jim Ranch burger is the most popular, and it comes with ham, red onion, sweet pickle, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. They are currently offering limited local delivery.


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