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First we admire how the horn blooms in spring. It has some very beautiful yellow flowers. Then we have patience for the diligent bee to do its duty, that is, to pollinate, so that the fruits can come out. They are first green in ovoid shape, then when ripe they acquire a red to maroon color. After they are ripe, we start picking, it is a bit careful, but there is a saving solution, we place a tarpaulin under the horn, then we shake the fruits hard and then we pick them.

We pass them through a stream of water, enough to get rid of any impurities, although how much alcohol we give them to suck kills all the impurities. After rinsing them a bit, we put them in a 5 l can or in a carafe, each with what it has.

Then add the sugar over and let all the sugar melt for a week, taking care to shake the can well from time to time to mix the sugar with the fruit. When the sugar has melted, fill the can with brandy, in my case or with alcohol of 96 grade.

We leave it for about 3-4 days with the lid ajar, so that we don't have the surprise of it banging .... then we can close the lid and even start drinking ... it's delicious cornata, I say I'm not a fan of alcoholic beverages .. .the truth is that I don't even need to get drunk much .... so we just tasted it to be clear ....

Fish zacusca

Fish zacusca, culinary recipe. How to make fish zacusca step by step. Ingredients and how to prepare the fish zacusca recipe.

Here is a can for the winter that I suspect dates from "Ceasca's time", in recent years, when I could not find any in the markets and replaced donuts, peppers and eggplant from the usual zacusca with fish, which was somewhat from abundance. Of course, we also find this recipe in Sanda Marin's book, but I don't think I'm wrong in saying that the period of glory of this zacusti was from 1985 until the revolution, when various variants of it were found in any pantry, cellar or storage room. om gospodar.

Ingredients: 3 kg of cleaned fish, preferably of medium size and with as few bones as possible, 2 kg onion, 2 kg carrot, 750 ml oil, 4-500 g broth / tomatoes in broth / tomato paste (this time I have put tomatoes in broth), 8 tablespoons vinegar, thyme, bay leaf, 2 teaspoons peppercorns, salt.

The fish together with the vinegar and spices are boiled in a miracle pot with as much water as it contains. This method is preferable because this way the fish boils very well, until the bones are very soft.

Cut the onion into small pieces and put the carrot in a small grater, then put it in hot oil in a large bowl until it softens well. Boil the fish and remove it with the foam from the miracle pot, remove the larger bones and mix in the bowl with the onion and carrot. Stir often at the bottom of the bowl until the zacusca decreases and homogenizes. Finally add the broth or tomato paste, season with salt and simmer for another 15-20 minutes, or until well reduced. The lower the zacusca, the longer it will last in the pantry. Add pepper and bay leaf, to taste, and turn off the heat on the stove. Immediately put the zacusca in jars, which are stapled and sterilized, each as usual. We put the hot jars between the blankets and keep them wrapped like this for 2 days, after which we take them to the box, in a cool and dry place.

`Horn` compote

We clean the horns of the tails and wash them. Meanwhile, bring the water to a boil and when it boils, add the sugar. When it is melted and starts to boil again, add the horns. We leave them in this hot syrup until they change color (about 30-40 seconds).

We take them out separately in a bowl and place them in jars. Let the syrup boil again and then turn off the heat under it. Add 1/2 tablespoon of salicyl, stirring until it dissolves.

Now all we have to do is pour the hot syrup over the fruit placed in jars, screw the lids on the jars and place them until the next day in dry dust (in beds) where we leave them until they cool. From now on, all we have to do is place the jars in the pantry for the winter days.

Traditional Moldovan strawberry - we get drunk with a sweet strawberry flavor

Strawberry can be served immediately but also during the period when fresh strawberries are no longer found, because it preserves the unmistakable aroma of these early fruits.

& Icircnca since ancient times, our people have had the tradition of preparing homemade drinks, with alcohol such as blueberries, cherries, apricots, strawberries, cornata, sour cherries, raspberries but also "old drinks" less known by amateurs, which contain combinations of bitter cherries, sour cherries, horns, blueberries, sugar, alcohol, vodka and sour cherries. Taking into account that at the moment we approach the subject of strawberries, we decided to present you some information about the tradition of strawberry production in our country, Moldova, but also on the territory of Romania.

Strawberry is a very aromatic alcoholic beverage, suitable to be consumed as a liqueur, or in various combinations of cocktails. Studying several sources, I discovered that in most cases, the strawberry is prepared similarly, the differences being in proportions, additions of water or spices.

Thus, to prepare the strawberry, clean 2 kg of fruit and wash it in several cold waters, then put it in a glass jug and cover it with half the amount of sugar. The rest of the strawberries are washed and crushed, put on top of the other whole fruits and covered with the rest of the sugar. The mixture is left to warm for a period of ten days, during which time the bowl is shaken so that the syrup left by the fruit covers them evenly.

After ten days, add the alcohol (vodka, brandy), add vanilla sugar and bind the carafe with cellophane in two, over the cork that covers the mouth of the potion from the beginning of the fermentation. After the fermentation has ceased, it is filtered through gauze and cotton wool, bottled, covered with scalded stoppers and kept cold. The longer it is stored, the better the drink.

Bee honey or brown sugar can also be used to prepare the strawberry, and in this case the final color of the drink will be darker. It is also recommended to use double refined alcohol, because it will better maintain the drink. You can also add water, if the drink is too strong or it can be flavored with various spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, etc.

An interesting trick to keep the color of the fruit alive is to add the squeezed juice from a lemon & acircie. The strawberry will have a splendid color, and the lemon will not affect the taste, on the contrary, it will give a touch of extra flavor.

Horns - medicinal fruits

Horns are wild fruits that are found in abundance in August-September, but we ignore them because we do not know their therapeutic properties. In the past, the Romanian peasants made all kinds of dishes out of their horns to help them fully benefit from the richness of these wild fruits.
One of the most important properties of these fruits is the stopping of soft stools. The forest horns have a sweet-sour, astringent taste, slightly similar to cherries and a diuretic effect. These fruits are also appreciated for their antiscorbutic, astringent, disinfectant, tonic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and healing effect. The amount of vitamin C in these fruits exceeds that of lemon or rosehip.

Horns are recommended in cases of diabetes because they help lower blood sugar levels. In addition, these fruits are a good remedy for indigestion, headaches, normalize the enzymatic activity of the pancreas, help & icircn the treatment of intestinal parasites, cramps, jaundice, liver diseases, enteritis, enterocolitis, gastrointestinal diseases & icircn in general.

From the horns you can make compote, syrup, jam or tea.
I have a recipe with horns HERE that I named cornata.

To lower blood sugar

The well-washed horns are removed from the stone, after which they are passed through a juicer.

Start with 50 ml. to be prepared, administered in the morning, half an hour before a meal, gradually increasing the dose until a glass is reached.

The treatment for lowering blood sugar lasts 60 days.

The horns lower the blood sugar level

How to make cherries from home, or

I was also making cherries, but it was coming out too. These websites are full of cookies, which are for the technical side of the website where you can use cookies. Andere Cookies, die den Komfort bei. Find some cherries, add some sugar and leave to "pickle". If you don't want to cherry it all, you can make it "refined" with blueberries instead of cherries.

Recipes Appetizers, Appetizers, Limoncello, Art. If you want to produce a smaller or larger volume of cherries, it would be good to. Rostov and his uncle sprinkled cherries on dinner and talked about the last hunt. I filled the glasses with sour cherries. Olga sat down at the head of the table. She brought appetizers and pickles. He also cut the bread, then I collided.

Candies with Biscuits, Walnuts and Murata. Romania is traditionally preserved in pickles, especially: gogonele. Pick up walls

Chef Maniac Recipes For Canned Food, Kitchens, Cooking. Preferred especially by the feminine side, sour cherry is a delicious and fine liqueur, just right.

What we need for the classic cherry recipe or cherry liqueur :.

The quinces are cleaned and cut into slices, put in a jug (or jar), add sugar or honey, mix well.

Leave the carafe warm and shake daily, several times a day, until the sugar melts completely.

The result is a thick syrup, which must be diluted, because it is very strong.

Add the double refined alcohol and leave it to soak for at least 10 days.

Add brandy, preferably homemade, or a good vodka until it becomes bauble.

It is especially good, my guests love the homemade liqueurs they prepare and they don't give up until they taste everything.

And the truth is that I prepare liqueurs of all kinds, I will write the recipes in time. & # 128578

Until then, see what I wrote in the category: House liqueur.

You can also add, as desired: anise, cinnamon, vanilla & hellip

And if quince liqueur is made especially in late autumn, I leave below other ideas for recipes and dishes suitable for that period:

I invite you to watch the video recipe gutted below:

Recipe of quince liqueur has also been proven by blog readers:

Why are traditional alcoholic beverages not healthy?

If you live in the countryside and drink brandy or brandy every day, your intellectual capacity is reduced and you come to identify with a kind of being that does not really represent you. Specialist doctors recommend that traditional alcoholic beverages such as brandy and homemade brandy be consumed as rarely as possible at all. Why?

In the process of distilling alcohol, there is the fractionation of the components. Not all alcohol is good for internal consumption in humans. Ethanol and methanol are two types of alcohol consumed by Romanians. Methanol is an alcohol with deposits and enriched with heavy metals or even various toxins. By multiple distillation the food alcohol is purified (ethanol is obtained), so the first and last quantities obtained during distillation are removed (methanol). Science has specified through experiments and observations that methanol and ethanol come to the surface by distillation, in turn at exact boiling temperatures and in measurable quantities.

The 98-degree alcohol is obtained by multiple distillations and is ethyl alcohol or ethanol in a proportion of 98% alcoholic purity. Rural distilleries are a harmful legacy because they come from ignorance and dependence. The real creators of alcohol distillation were alchemists and enthusiasts of natural medicine and occult sciences. A rural distillery extracts alcohol from fermented sludge, but does not separate it. As proof that rural distillers do not perform their function healthily because they do not have the same reason to produce alcohol as alchemists.

Drinking alcohol with passion or drinking it for passion is not the same thing!

Horn parasites

Posted on September 4, by truffles and mushrooms The Cornus horn grows a shrub m high, grows in the plain and hill regions in deciduous forests, at an altitude of - m. It can also be found in parks and gardens.

Sometimes it achieves remarkable increases in diameter and can even reach 38-40 cm. ORG The horn vegetates on light, reclaimed, well-drained soils, on sunny exposures but horn parasites on semi-shaded exposures. Paint can be made from the bark of the horn, and tannin from the leaves.

Parasites and the importance of deworming the body of black worms in the child's feces

Past horn parasites Horn fruits were used to treat dysentery and diarrhea. The horns are used to make tea, decoction, infusion, tincture.

Horns contain organic acids, carbohydrates, tannin, vitamin C. Horn also contains a substance known as cornin. Cornata obtained from horns fermented with alcohol and sugar is a very good alcoholic beverage.

Biotrade Keratolin Foot Corn Gel x 15 ml

Horned parasite fruits can also be used in the form of various dishes such as: jam, jam, wine, jam, syrup, jam, compote. The fruits are elongated-ellipsoidal, edible, red drupes known as horns.

These hpv vaccine damage sour taste, astringent is harvested in August-September.

The seeds are bilocular. The horn wood is dense, hard and is used in the manufacture of tool tails, sticks, sheaves from weaving war, yoke of carts, ax tails, spikes, vegetable sticks. Horn wood is the best wood in making bows, arrows, spears.

Another unique use of the horn wood is that it is used to make the hammers with which the chisel is used to call Christians at the beginning of the service or at the announcement of the fixed hours of the day. Horns are rich in calcium malate, carbohydrates, carotene, pectins, vitamins, cellulose and mineral salts.

The horn is multiplied by grafting, seeds or marking. It resists very well to drought, it is installed on pseudogleized soils of wax and garnets.

Paint is produced from the bark of the hornwood. Fruits, leaves and bark were used for painting in yellow, brown, black, red.

Horn leaves were used in the past to treat those who were sick with yellowing.

In Armenia the horns are used in the distillation of vodka, and in Turkey it is consumed with salt during the summer. From a medicinal point of view, the horns have unsuspected therapeutic properties. The horn has effects: antidiarrheal, healing, astringent, disinfectant. It is indicated in the treatment of the following diseases: stomach cramps, liver disease, enteritis, jaundice, hemorrhoids, intestinal parasites, myopia, goiter, vitiligo.

On the horn, the black summer truffles Tuber aestivum Vitt the black winter truffles Tuber brumale Vittentas mesenteric Tuber mesentericum Vittse are usually found quite close to the stem and not more than a meter from it.

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