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Pork string soup with cabbage juice

Pork string soup with cabbage juice

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A soup like Grandma used to make.

  • pork bones
  • 2 onions
  • 1 small celery
  • 1 carrot
  • 300 ml homemade tomato juice with larch
  • 500 ml of cabbage juice
  • 1 or
  • 2 noodle rolls
  • lovage
  • salt

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Pork soup with cabbage juice:

First, boil the pork bones for 30 minutes. We froth as many times as needed.

Add finely chopped onion, together with diced chopped celery and sliced ​​carrot.

Let it cook for another 20 minutes, then add the tomato juice and cabbage juice and let it continue to boil for another 20 minutes.

Add the noodles, and when it is cooked, 2 minutes before turning off the heat, add the beaten egg well mixed with a hot soup polish and season with salt.

Add the larch.

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Homemade tomato juice was made with larch. It can be replaced with commercial tomato juice.

From the collection of old recipes: Pork soup with cabbage and horseradish juice - a very healthy combination

  • Pork soup with cabbage and horseradish juice (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) Pork soup with cabbage and horseradish juice
  • The main ingredients (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) The main ingredients
  • After the meat has started to boil, add the vegetables (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) After the meat has started to boil, add the vegetables
  • After extinguishing the fire under the pot, add the finely grated horseradish (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) After extinguishing the fire under the pot, add the finely grated horseradish
  • Mix well, then sprinkle on top of finely chopped green parsley leaves (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) Mix well, then sprinkle on top of finely chopped green parsley leaves

This soup is also known as pork loin with cabbage and horseradish mill or Saxon horseradish soup. It is generally prepared in winter, and is a real stomach balm, especially after the holidays with hearty meals, or whenever food is abused. Those who like sour soup and consistency will surely be happy to try it.

It is an extremely healthy combination, considering that both horseradish and cabbage juice are well known for their positive health benefits, both being recommended both in diets and as a natural adjuvant in maintaining a healthy digestion.


500 g bone-in pork, preferably from slightly sparing ribs,
2-3 carrots,
1 parsley,
a piece of celery root,
1 onion,
half a pepper or half a teaspoon of paprika (optional),
1/2 cup rice (optional),
500 ml sour cabbage juice (die),
3-4 tablespoons finely grated horseradish root,
green parsley,
salt and pepper to taste


The pork is cut into pieces and boiled in a medium-sized pot. After the water starts to boil, reduce the heat to medium / low and use a foamer to remove the foam that forms on the surface of the water.

Carrots, parsley, pepper and celery root are cut into cubes. About a quarter of an hour after the meat has started to boil, add the vegetables. Put the onion whole, after it has previously been peeled. Increase the heat again, until the soup starts to boil, then bring the heat back to medium / low.

To give the soup consistency, add half a cup of clean rice and washed in cold water. The soup is left to simmer until the meat and vegetables are cooked.

At the end, add the cabbage juice and let it boil for a few more minutes, then turn off the heat under the soup. If the cabbage juice is too sour, it is advisable to add the cabbage juice gradually and taste after each addition, so that you can match how sour and how salty you want the soup to be. If necessary, add more salt and paprika if you have not put the pepper in the soup.

After extinguishing the fire under the pot, add the finely grated horseradish. Mix well, then sprinkle on top of finely chopped green parsley leaves.

The soup is left covered for about 10 minutes with a lid, giving the flavors time to combine and penetrate well into the soup.

Serve with hot polenta and hot peppers. Some prefer light soup, others add sour cream.

Horseradish, used to treat various diseases since ancient times, is known for its sharpness and particularly strong smell. Naturopaths suggest the use of horseradish in a number of indications, of which we list only a few: it is recommended in diets because it helps in weight loss helps lower blood pressure indicated against osteoporosis improves the immune system and digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices, of bile and enzymes in the pancreas having a strong antibiotic effect, helps to destroy bacteria and alleviate various respiratory deficiencies. Due to its extremely high levels of glucosinol, horseradish is said to help prevent cancer.

Cabbage juice or cabbage mill, as it is called in other areas, is very rich in mineral salts, ferments and enzymes. Its consumption contributes to the vitaminization of the body and the strengthening of the immune system. Also, death has a detoxifying effect on the body, stimulates fat burning and at the same time stabilizes the appetite, being recommended in diets.

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Camellia recipes, culinary blog

How fast this time passes. It's been a long time since I've written on the blog, but that's life. Both good and bad. It was more bad for me, obviously. But time solves them all. And to get over all the upsets, I made my boys their favorite soup. I don't want to brag, but it turned out delicious.

-1,200kg minced pork
-1 onion for soup
-1 large onion for meatballs
-2 carrots
-1 medium celery
-2 handfuls of rice for soup
-2 punches and a half of rice for meatballs
-1 egg for meatballs
-2 tablespoons flour for meatballs
-salt salt
-piper for meatballs
-2 tablespoons top of pepper paste
- tomato juice (everyone puts as much as they want)
-cabbage juice (everyone puts it according to how sour they want it)

First prepare the meatballs as follows: put in the minced meat salt, pepper, an egg, 2 tablespoons of flour, 2 fists and a half of rice, onion given through a small grater,

after which the meatballs are made with an oiled hand. After we finished with the meatballs, we started the vegetables. Peel the onion, carrots and celery, chop the onion,

and we put the carrots and celery on the grater with small holes.

Put a little oil in a pot, heat the vegetables a little

and pour 2.5 liters of water and let it boil for about 20 minutes after which we put the 2 tablespoons of pepper paste, water and the 2 handfuls of rice. Leave for 10 minutes and lightly put the meatballs and let them boil for half an hour.

Add the tomato juice and leave for another 5 minutes. Then add the boiled cabbage juice

and when it boils we turn it off and put the larch (I put dry larch).

Pork soup with cabbage juice - Recipes

Preparation time: 1 h

Ingredient: 1.5 l sour cabbage juice, 2 carrots, 1 parsley, 1/2 small celery, 1/2 kg low-fat pork, 1 egg, salt.
Home delivery! Great to buy the ingredients for this recipe!

Method of preparation: Boil carrots, parsley and celery in two liters of water. After boiling for about 1/2 hour, strain the juice into another pot, add the peeled potatoes, washed and cut into small cubes, along with a tablespoon of salt and bring to a boil. Separately, mix a tablespoon of oil and one tablespoon of flour, add finely chopped onion to fry a little, then add a little paprika and finely chopped green parsley. Put a little of the soup over this sauce, mixing well, then pour into the soup pot and cook for another 10 minutes. Beat 3 tablespoons sour cream in a bowl and then put the soup over the sour cream, mixing well.

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Peasant pork soup!

  • Servings: 5 People
  • Preparation Time: 20
  • Cooking Time: 50
  • Calories: -
  • Difficulty: Medium

Peasant soup with pork is tasty and easy to prepare.
What I like most about this peasant pork soup is the multitude of vegetables and their colors.
We can sour it with cabbage juice, but also with borscht, lamiae juice, corcoduse or sour plum juice, green grape juice (unripe).
That word: how many huts, so many habits. And there would be choices depending on tastes and season.

1 kg cod, a little water, 2 whole tomatoes, 1/2 cup lemon juice, red onion, 2 carrots, celery leaves, 2 potatoes, olive oil, pepper, salt

Top: 300 g wheat flour, 2 egg yolks, 4 tablespoons milk, 100 g yeast, 200 g butter, a little sugar
Stuffing: 350 g mixed minced meat (pork and beef), 1 egg, 4 tablespoons sour cream, 2 egg yolks, 2 onions, 1 clove garlic, 1 tablespoon oil, 1 red pepper, green parsley, salt, red and black pepper

Top 5 soup and soup recipes loved and cooked in Romania

Top 5 soup and soup recipes loved and cooked in Romania, the most beloved soups. What are the most beloved soup soups of the Romanians? What are the best recipes and what secrets do they have?

2. Dobrogean fish soup: the most beloved and best known Dobrogean soup. It's wonderful, made with fresh fish of many kinds, with fresh vegetables and sour with vinegar.

It is said that the best fish soup is the one made with water from the Danube. It's totally wrong! The extraordinary flavor is given by the extremely fresh fish, the combination of ingredients and a few other secrets, which I tell you with great pleasure:

3. Meatball soup: with soft and fluffy meatballs, tasty juice, sour or sweeter, with larch or tarragon, with or without sour cream & hellip Indecently tasty & # 128578

What secrets does Madame Bradea have? Of course I tell you with great joy:

Top 5 soup and soup recipes loved and cooked in Romania

4. Chicken soup with dumplings: Jewish penicillin, universal panacea for colds and flu, for eating convalescents, children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and the immature. It is even a remedy for love. It's so good that it sticks to the soul and stays there.

Golden juice, clear, tasty and concentrated, with even more golden dumplings, fluffy and soft. It should be listed as banned, addictive & # 128578

That's how I do it, the recipe is written and video is extremely detailed:

5. Belly soup: the most loved and cooked soup in Romania. With belly and beef bones, with dense juice, velvety like the finest silk, slightly spicy, sour and garlicy. This school wakes you from the dead, nothing, not just from a hangover, illness or boredom!

My recipe is not really mine, because I didn't invent it. But I gathered advice from everywhere, I tried, tested, cooked and told the best belly soup in the world. We started from the recipe of Aunt Maria, who had the famous pub in the middle of the fair. I seasoned with information and secrets snatched, stolen, collected, bought-bribed from the time I was a cook, on TV, from books and magazines & hellipplus a drop of personal soul.

And this recipe, written and video, came out, detailed, full of wise secrets and Moldovan-Dobrogean cicadas. And if you don't like belly soup, you can also find there, with a click on that picture that stole the sun from the sky, and the recipes for Radauti or Greek soup & # 128578

Leave the whims and the fun! Cook or simply eat soups and broths. I keep both the silhouette and the house, password!

And if you cook with Madame Bradea, it is impossible not to get the best food in the world. That I annoy you for not seeing you, and I kiss you with all my heart. That good food is not hard to make. You only have to want it.

Top 5 soup and soup recipes loved and cooked in Romania

And now, to show me that you love me (that I love you for not seeing you and immediately remove the mud from the equipment) leave a comment below and distribute these recipes everywhere. Whether or not you subscribe to my FB, Instagram and yotube pages is strictly your business. But if you don't, it's your loss. : p

Madam Bradea will kiss you hard

To love and be loved, enjoy life, it's really cool!

Good appetite! with Gina Bradea & # 128578

Re & # 539 recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Top 5 beloved and cooked soup-soup recipes in Romania

In Bucatarie La Sidy

About December 2013, Stefania Anastasiu initiate the challenge "Weekend with growth" in which culinary bloggers who wish to participate are invited.
This month, the host is Lili Liliana (Toma), which proposed the following categories:
1. Appetizers
2. borsch
Do you know what I had to do? To browse Lili's delicious recipes, which are not few in number, and to stop at one, which I can prepare and present for this challenge.
It was very difficult for me to choose just one, but because it is very, very hot outside (+40 degrees), I chose this wonderful soup, which I will post now.
lily I hope you don't mind me posting it now, but I'm under a lot of time.


2 small pumpkins
500 ml of cabbage juice
2 carrots
1 onion
1/2 red bell pepper
1 red
3 tablespoons red cubes from SunFood
1 yolk
3 tablespoons sour cream
green dill
green parsley salt

Method of preparation :

We clean the carrots and cut them into rounds, we clean the onion and leave it whole, and we cut the pepper into cubes.
Put two tablespoons of oil in a bowl and put the carrots and 1/2 of the red pepper to harden a little, until it leaves an orange color.

We clean the zucchini and then we cut them into small cubes, we open the canned tomatoes and we put aside 3 tablespoons of tomato cubes. We finely chop the greens.
We take the other 1/2 red pepper aside.

In a 4 l pot, boil the whole onion, sauteed carrots and the rest of the diced peppers.
When they are cooked, add the cabbage juice, diced zucchini, canned tomatoes, diced fresh tomatoes and dill and a little chopped green parsley.
We match the taste of salt and let all the vegetables boil.

Mix the yolk well with sour cream and 1-2 tablespoons of hot soup. After they are homogenized, pour the composition over the soup in the pot and let it boil, then turn off the heat.

Sprinkle the chopped greens on top and serve the soup with a hot pepper.
The soup can be served both hot and cold taken out of the fridge.
It's wonderful and for that, thank you very much Lili.
Great appetite to have !

Thank you for your visit

"If you like my dish or maybe not, please write your impressions, a little below
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Yes Lenuta. I also like it cold from the fridge!

It looks too good not to be very good. Especially since I like pumpkins in any form.

It's to know!
If you like pumpkins. try to do it, it's simple.


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