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Roll with chocolate cream and walnut kernels

Roll with chocolate cream and walnut kernels

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Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then add in order, mixing a little after each ingredient added, sugar, egg yolks, flour, baking powder and cocoa, crushed walnuts and a little essence. Wallpaper the stove tray with baking paper, then pour the composition and put in the hot oven approx. 15-20 min. (until it comes off a little from the edges and we notice that it is baking) When it's ready, we quickly remove the top from the tray (with all the paper), we put it on a flat surface (possibly on the back of another tray) and we detach it from the baking paper. running it. Cover the baking paper a little and let it cool for 5 minutes. From time to time we try to open the top and roll it back, letting it cool.


The water together with the sugar, cocoa and flour are put on low heat, in a pan with a steam bath, stirring for about 20 minutes, until a composition of the consistency of a hard polenta is obtained. Let it cool a bit, add butter, a raw egg yolk (for gloss) and walnut kernels.

We cover the top with this cream and we roll it carefully, obtaining the roll, then we give free rein to the imagination to decorate it.

Leave to cool for an hour, then you can cut into slices.

Good appetite!

The roll in which we imitate as a design the giraffe skin will arouse that & # 8220wow & # 8221 that will fill our soul with joy & # 8230 The cream is also wonderful, so all we have to do is delight our children, but I'm sure no adults they will not refuse a slice, they will even get upset if they don't have one left.


For the countertop:
4 whole eggs + 2 egg whites
150 g sugar
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
1/2 sachet vanilla bourbon sugar
100 g flour
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 pinch of salt

For chocolate ganache and nuts:
150 g milk chocolate
100 g dark chocolate
120 g liquid whipped cream
60 g chopped walnuts

First we prepare the cream. Melt the chocolate in a baine marie then mix it with liquid cream and finely chopped walnuts.

Let the cream cool for about an hour. During this time we prepare the top, starting to mix the yolks with the sugar until they become a foam.

Then add the flour and mix until smooth.

Mix the 6 egg whites with a pinch of salt, powdered sugar and vanilla sugar until they become a hard foam. Incorporate in the composition of the yolks one tablespoon of the beaten egg whites. At first it will be more difficult to integrate, but the thinner the composition, the more careful we are to mix it from the bottom up, so that it remains as airy as possible.

We take a few spoons of dough and draw on the baking paper in the tray a drawing that makes us think of the stripes on the giraffe's skin.

Bake the drawing for 2 minutes in the preheated oven at 180 ° C. During this interval, mix the rest of the dough with the cocoa powder.

Pour the colored dough into the tray, covering the design and bake the roll top for 8-9 minutes. When it is ready, take it out on a damp towel, peel off the baking paper, roll the top with the towel and leave it for about 20-30 minutes (as long as you have the patience), then open it, grease it with cream and roll again .

We wrap the roll in foil and leave it to cool for a few hours, then we can serve.

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I also made this cake. It turned out very good, only I put a little more milk, but otherwise it's great. It didn't last 2 days, it all ended immediately.

It is great. I did it last week. and as a result I didn't even get a taste of it, there were others faster than me :)

it came out super, and easy to do and fast

I'm just enjoying it. it came out fine. I like that you don't need fire, especially on these hot days. I also put black cherries in the white cream. It's super!

Adriana, January 5, 2020

Hi Radu! How do you make whipped cream and cream cheese?

Very good roll. I also make a variant in which I replace the butter with a mixture of "light" cream cheese, cream, powdered sugar, coconut and gelatin. It is easier to digest and the taste is very good.

Chirila Maria, July 27, 2015

Acio Florin (Master Chef), December 22, 2014

Adriana_Bouzidi Ene (Chef), November 25, 2014

Marieta_Pall (Chef), October 20, 2014

I'm not a big fan of sweets, but it looks so good that I did it today. A miracle.

Sabina Nitu, February 15, 2014

does it come out a little nauseous from the cream that has only butter and coconut?

Lidia Buzla, December 22, 2013

o what looks good and I want!

Rodi Rodi, December 22, 2013

I put coffee and a little rum instead of milk and it was very good.

Mena Camy, December 3, 2013

Hutanu Daniela Elena saramana is a good cough. only I was upset with that foil that was still running. next time I do it in something else.

Hutanu Daniela Elena, December 2, 2013

is the roll good?

Mena Camy, December 2, 2013

akm am fact si eu. let's see what will come out. a question. but there is nothing else that can make this film run away.

Alexandra Cristian, December 1, 2013

I see that they have mastered a lot of recipes, I'm glad that they took over the idea of ​​stretching the twister between 2 nylon sheets. But when you have more housewives, go all the way, don't just give pictures. To the girls who asked, I give them the original recipe posted in 2005: 400g of petit beurre biscuits given by the car and throw them in the syrup made of 300 ml milk / water is also great, 5 tablespoons of sugar, 3-4 tablespoons of cocoa boiled 2-3 times . When it cools, spread it with the rolling pin between 2 halves of a clean garbage bag :-) and spread it on top with the foil and the rolling pin to spread evenly a cream of 1 pack of butter / margarine, 100 g of WHITE coconut, and 5-6 spoons of powdered sugar rubbed foam. It is rolled, kept in the fridge or freezer, depending on when you want to eat it. "Successes"

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), November 30, 2013

Corina Marc, November 29, 2013

It's almost over ... but Mihaela, when she has time between concerts and rehearsals, I recommend! :) (can reduce the amount of sugar included in the recipe)

Dacian Cesa-Goje, November 29, 2013

I fasted it, with water and margarine instead of milk and butter, and I put a lot of ROM in cocoa

Corina Marc, November 29, 2013

I tested the recipe, it's good ff!

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), November 28, 2013

Ade Adelina, the quantities for the roll are on the left side of the recipe, I checked there is no problem. Please let me know if they do not appear, to notify the site team.

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), November 28, 2013

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), November 28, 2013

marieta_marieta, the candies are from the raffaelo type, you can find the recipe on my blog, at this link:

gheorghe mariana, November 27, 2013

Ade Adelina, November 27, 2013

why the quantities do not appear.

marieta_marieta, November 27, 2013

are the candies made from roll cream?

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), November 27, 2013

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), November 27, 2013

Ionela, I'm glad you like it, I'll increase the preparation.

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), November 27, 2013

Ionela Onceanu, November 27, 2013

I will prepare it too, it looks very good, ms

valentina ionita (Chef de cuisine), November 27, 2013

Cosmina Mosoran, November 27, 2013

COMY.M. (Chef de cuisine), November 27, 2013

Maria Elena Burdulea, November 15, 2013

I fasted it, with water and margarine instead of milk and butter, and I put a lot of ROM in cocoa

Maria Elena Burdulea, November 15, 2013

I fasted it, with water and margarine instead of milk and butter, and I put a lot of ROM in cocoa

Maria Elena Burdulea, November 15, 2013

I fasted it, with water and margarine instead of milk and butter, and I put a lot of ROM in cocoa

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then add the powdered sugar and mix until the foam becomes shiny. This must make "cakes" when we remove the mixer blades from the bowl. Add almond essence, ground walnuts, flour and baking powder. Mix lightly with a spatula with movements from bottom to top.

In a tray (20/30 cm) lined with baking paper we put a layer of walnuts. You can put the walnut kernel whole or crushed between your fingers. On top we put the composition for the countertop and level it carefully.

Bake on medium heat for about 25 minutes, depending on the oven. Turn the top over on a grill and leave to cool.

Chocolate cream:

The broken chocolate pieces mixed with whipped cream melt over low heat or in a baine marie. When we have a homogeneous cream, put it aside and let it cool. Then put it in the freezer for about an hour, until the chocolate cream cools very well and begins to harden.

Mix the chocolate cream until it becomes fluffy.

  • Chocolate cream can be flavored to taste with vanilla, rum or mint essence & # 8230 according to preference

Place over the cooled countertop and level. Let cool until ready to serve. The next day it cuts better and nicer

Recipe: Walnut roll

Preparation Walnut roll
Beat the egg whites with the powdered sugar, then add the roasted and ground walnuts and cocoa. This composition is spread on a nylon foil greased with butter, giving a rectangular shape. Put the cream over the foam composition with walnuts.

Cream roll ingredients with nuts
& # 8211 3 egg yolks, 4 tablespoons powdered sugar, 200 g butter, 1 vanilla

Preparation of Cream Roll with nuts
The yolks are boiled in boiling water with a little vinegar. When they are cooked, take them out and leave them to cool, then put them on the small grater. Rub the butter with the sugar and vanilla sugar. Add the boiled and grated yolks.

Assembly Roll with nuts
Spread the cream on the walnut foam composition, roll it carefully so that the nylon foil does not stick, and let it cool. After it has cooled, the walnut roll is cut into suitable pieces and served.

Walnut cream boiled in milk (with butter) old recipe

Walnut cream boiled in milk (with butter) old recipe. How to make walnut cream for cake, cakes or cookies? A fine and creamy cream, without eggs, fragrant and very tasty. A recipe from my grandmother's time.

I did this walnut cream boiled (scalded) in milk and foamed with butter for Walnut cake (recipe here). It's something of a dream! It can be left only with the aroma of walnut and vanilla or it can be flavored with a little real rum.

I did the same with her Cake or Operetta Cake with 3 creams: chocolate, chestnuts and walnuts & # 8211 see here.

Walnut cream is made according to an old recipe. The walnut cake is famous both in the confectioneries in Vienna (Nusstorte) and in Prague or Budapest. The recipe reached us on the Austro-Hungarian chain (through the 19th century). Walnut cakes were once considered a luxury because walnuts were extremely expensive and rare. Today we find nuts at our discretion in both markets and supermarkets and we no longer have this problem.

This cream is NO EGGS, being indicated for those allergic to them. The color of the walnut cream is influenced by the variety of nuts used, some being more blond, others more red. In any case, the aroma of the walnut kernel is intensified by light frying in the pan, before grinding.

Vanilla and a pinch of salt should not be missing from this cream!

The preparation method is a simple one, does not require much effort or special techniques. I leave the quantities for approx. 1.3 kg of walnut cream, enough for a large cake of 26-28 cm or to fill 4-5 tender sheets. See at the end of the recipe what you can use this walnut cream for.

Preparation Cake Grill with walnuts (krantz) and chocolate

Suhaida & # 8211 cocoa cream for the outdoors

NOTE: If you do not want to make an extra cream for the outside you can increase the amounts of vanilla cream with butter (by 1.5) and you have enough to dress the cake. In this case you need 5 whole eggs, 150 g sugar, salt, vanilla and 375 g butter.

If you want to make this Walnut Grill Cake exactly as Diana did, you must first start with suhaida cream. 1/3 of this is enough for this cake suhaida recipe described herei.

Rolled sheet for Cake Grill with walnuts (Krantz) and chocolate

First prepare the rolled sheet (as in Diplomat). Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites with a little salt, add the caster sugar and the vanilla sugar and continue mixing. Add the yolks and mix a little more. The last one is sifted flour & # 8211 it is incorporated with a spatula. Prepare a large baking tray (as wide as possible, mine is 33 x 40 cm) and line it with baking paper. Pour and level the pandispan composition and bake for 15 minutes at 180 C (preheated oven). When ready, roll the sheet in baking paper on the baking sheet and leave to cool.

Vanilla cream with butter for Cake Grill with walnuts (krantz) and chocolate

Whole eggs are placed with sugar, vanilla and a pinch of salt in a metal bowl. It is placed on a steam bath (over a pan in which a little water boils & # 8211 about 2 fingers) and mix well with the target. When it reaches 75 C the composition will become frothy and bind a little. Be careful not to make the omelet! Turn off the heat, pull the bowl aside and leave to cool until it reaches room temperature & it takes over 1 hour to cool it.

After the cream base has cooled to room temperature, move on to the next step. Beat the soft butter separately with the mixer and add 1-2 tablespoons of the cream base. Mix briefly after each tranche. Continue mixing until all the vanilla cream has been incorporated into the foamed butter. Careful! He fights in short innings!

If the cream is cut, don't panic! ANY butter-based cream repairs itself if you beat it with the mixer (at high speed) even for 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on the cream and see how it becomes creamy again.

Vanilla cream with butter is ready and can be refrigerated for 10 minutes (no more because it hardens and can no longer be spread on the counter).

Roll with walnut cream and butter

The roll with walnut cream and butter closes, at least for the moment, the series of holiday recipes inspired by LURPAK. I sincerely hope that I have inspired you and that at least some of the networks I have prepared for you will be found on your holiday tables.

This roll is wonderful and I would be very happy to hear that you tried it. You will see that it is very easy to prepare. In addition, you can play with it as your lust and heart dictate. Choose special fillings, glaze it with chocolate or salted caramel, as you like best!

#CraciunulmeritaLurpak, so I remind you of the recipes prepared in this beautiful campaign, in addition to the beautiful roll:

If you want to see even more appetizing ideas, follow the posts with #CraciunulmeritaLurpak on Facebook and Instagram.

For the countertop separate the yolks from the whites.

Over the yolks add half the amount of sugar and mix them until they increase in volume and the sugar is dissolved.

Mix the egg whites until you get a firm foam, then add the remaining sugar. Continue mixing until the foam is well hardened.

Add the yolks over the egg white foam and homogenize the composition, stirring slowly.

Sift flour and cocoa in a bowl, mix them and add the composition spoon by spoon over the egg whites and yolks.

Pour the dough into the tray, level it with a spatula and put the tray in the oven for 10 minutes.

Remove the baking tray from the oven and turn it upside down on the prepared towel.

Set aside the baking paper (carefully) and roll the top in the towel.

Set aside until completely cooled.

For the filling put the milk, sugar and vanilla in a saucepan.

Put the pan on the fire and when it starts to boil add the ground walnuts. Stir and cook for 1-2 minutes. Pull the pan aside and allow the composition to cool to room temperature.

Put the butter in a bowl and mix it for 1-2 minutes. Add the walnut cream in 3 tranches and mix until you have a well-homogenized cream.

Unwrap the towel, spread the cream over it, then roll it slowly.

Put the roll in the fridge to harden the cream a little, then powder it with sugar.

Walnut Kernel Roll

* Grind the walnuts mixed with 250 g powdered sugar and a tablespoon of cocoa. Mix this mixture with an egg using the spiral paddles until a consistent mixture is obtained. The obtained composition is carefully wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator for 1 hour. This is the "future counter".

* Butter is mixed with 120 g of powdered sugar, using spiral paddles. Add the boiled yolks previously passed through a sieve and vanilla essence. Mix the composition further until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

* The composition kept cold is spread evenly on a worktop with the help of a twister (so that the worktop obtained to acquire by modeling an approximately rectangular shape and its thickness to be about 0.7 mm.).

* The previously prepared cream is spread on the surface of the worktop with a kitchen spatula.
* Roll the countertop carefully then wrap it in plastic wrap. Keep it cold for 3-4 hours before serving.

Recipe: Cocoa roll with chocolate cream

The first time it would be good to prepare the chocolate cream, because you have to keep it in the fridge for a few hours.

Chocolate cream preparation for Rulada
Put whipped cream and grated chocolate in a saucepan.

Chocolate cream preparation

Put the pan on the fire and heat it until the chocolate melts, then let it cool. Put the chocolate cream in the fridge for a few hours, and after cooling, beat well with the mixer. Add 1/2 sachet of cream hardener.

Cream cream with chocolate

While you keep the chocolate cream in the fridge, you can prepare the top.

Preparation of a countertop for the cocoa roll with chocolate
Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt and then add the sugar. Rub the yolks with the oil, pouring a little, like mayonnaise, and add to the beaten egg whites.

preparation of countertop for cocoa roll

The cocoa is mixed with flour and baking powder and poured in the rain into the egg white composition, stirring slowly, with a wooden spoon, until it is completely incorporated. Pour the top composition into a greased pan lined with flour and bake.

Cocoa countertop for Rolling

After the countertop is baked, turn it over on a damp cloth napkin. Roll with a napkin and leave until the countertop cools.

Prepared cocoa roll with chocolate cream
Set aside 2-3 tablespoons of chocolate cream. Unwrap the napkin and spread evenly with the rest of the cream. Roll the countertop again.

Preparation Roll with cocoa and chocolate cream

On top, grease the roll with the cream off and sprinkle with coconut.

Rolled preparation with chocolate cream

If you want, you can also put coconut in the chocolate cream that you put in the roll.


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